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Safety Signs and Floor Marking Tape by Durastripe

Our hard-wearing DuraStripe health and safety signs, floor tapes and graphics are peel-and-stick and fade-resistant, providing instant visual management solutions. We have a wide range of industrial line marking tapes to suit even the heaviest traffic needs and most challenging of surfaces.  These are perfect for Lean Environments and compliance with 5S principles.

Quick and easy to apply, they save preparation, painting and drying time and leave no mess to clear up. DuraStripe signage systems offer superb adhesion yet can be reconfigured as required.

Ideal for communicating emergency and other information in factory, warehouse or shop, our flexible safety signs, shapes and aisle marking tapes are the perfect tools for lean manufacturing and production environments.

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Choose your floor marking tape according to the surface condition and working area where it is to be laid. All are available in 5S shapes and various colours, and some can be customised. Combine them with our floor sticker safety signs for a complete visual management system that is easy both to apply and reconfigure.

DuraStripe Mean Lean Floor Tape

DuraStripe Mean Lean is our most economical self adhesive tape and has the lowest profile. It offers the perfect marking solution for newer or reconditioned / sealed industrial and commercial floors. Its durable, smooth surface can be cleaned easily and resists damage from pivoting tow-motor wheels. It is available in red, orange, yellow, navy blue, green, black or white. It is just 0.56mm thick and comes in standard widths of 5cm, 7.5cm and 10cm on rolls of 30m, 60m and 120m.

DuraStripe Lean Flor Striping Tape

DuraStripe Lean is suitable for the same environments as Mean Lean but is slightly thicker, at 0.76mm, and comes in a wider choice of widths: 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 30.5cm, 61cm and 86.5cm, with custom options up to 86.5cm. Available colours are red, orange, yellow, navy blue, green, black or white, while roll lengths are 30m and 60m.

Supreme V Floor Tape

Supreme V is a great all-round tape. It is also the choice for marking old, oily, dirty, epoxy, uneven, tiled or damaged floors. It has a low impact profile and tapered bevelled edge. Available in red, orange, yellow, blue, green, black or white, this floor striping tape is 0.91mm thick. It comes in 7 standard widths: 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 30.5cm, 61cm and 86.5cm, with custom widths available up to 86.5cm, on rolls of 30m, 60m and 120m.

DuraStripe X-Treme Heavy Duty Line Marking Tape

DuraStripe X-Treme is specially designed for improved performance in critical environments. Its surface withstands pivoting or skidding forklift wheels while its bevelled edges reduce the potential for damage from dragged or pushed pallets. It is not recommended for uneven or damaged flooring. It is 0.76mm thick and available in 3 widths, 5cm, 7.5cm and 10cm, and 11 colours: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, navy blue, black, white, grey, brown or purple. Supplied on rolls of 30m, 60m or 120m.

Multiflex Floor Striping

Multiflex is ideal for applications where there is light to moderate forklift traffic. This first generation product set the standard for all aisle striping available on the market today. It is 1.00mm thick with a bevelled edge and comes in 5cm, 7.5cm or 10cm widths. Available in red, orange, yellow, blue, green, black or white.

DuraStripe Signs

DuraStripe Signs are easy to apply peel-and-stick floor visual management signs that are produced to withstand heavy industrial traffic. We have a wide range of standard stop, warning, directional, door swing, lockout / tagout and barcoding signs in various shapes and sizes. All are customisable with full colour graphics, and in glow-in-the-dark material. They can also be made with a magnetic backing for flexibility of installation and in larger formats. Bold and bright, this floor signage system is the perfect way to communicate important safety and 5S / Lean Manufacturing instructions.

DuraStripe Shapes Floor Markers

DuraStripe Shapes are ideal supporting tools for any 5S, Six Sigma, or visual workplace program. We offer a large choice of icons and shapes such as directional arrows, corners and floor marking footprints, as well as characters, letters and numbers in all qualities:  Mean Lean / Lean, Supreme V, X-Treme and Multiflex.

DuraStripe In-Line Printing

DuraStripe In-Line Printing is ideal for reinforcing important safety and facility information. It is durable, smear-resistant and available on 5cm, 7.5cm and 10cm wide stripes. Regular 2-colour printing (black text on white, red or yellow background; white on red; orange or blue on white) comes in 15m or 30m lengths. A choice of any full vivid graphic colour, as well as pictograms on a white background, comes in 7.5m and 15m.

DuraStripe Walkways

DuraStripe Walkways bevelled edge tapes are the quick, efficient and economical way to comply with safety regulations that all permanent aisles and passageways be appropriately marked for pedestrian safety. This pedestrian walkway signage is available on 15m rolls in widths from 5cm to 86.5cm in 10 standard colours or can be custom printed in full colour.

DuraStripe 2-Colour Hazard Striping

DuraStripe 2-colour hazard striping is available in either Supreme V or Lean quality tape and in various colour combinations: colour combinations (black/ yellow, black/white, red/white, and, for Supreme V only, green/yellow and green/white). There are custom widths up to 86.5cm and 7 standard widths: 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 30.5cm, 61cm and 86.5cm. Smear and scuff resistant, our hazard warning tape is ideal to use around equipment that must remain clear at all times.

DuraStripe Glow Striping Tape

DuraStripe Glow Striping is used to display exits and evacuation routes in the event of a power outage. This glow in the dark tape is available in 10cm widths of red, yellow or white background stripes with a glowing inset, and complies with DIN67510 Class C, ASTM E2072-04 and ASTM E2030-07 standards.

DuraStripe Cleaner

DuraStripe Cleaner is an all-purpose de-greasing product specially designed for floor preparation and for maintaining the condition of the tapes and safety signs after application.

The Durastripe range of safety signs are perfect for addressing Lean Manufacturing and 5S principles, when effective visual management is essential.

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