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  • Lane guides – full length and short entry types
  • Tilt shelves for split case picking, with a choice of 10degree tilt / 20degree tilt  / or adjustable angle tilt
  • Pick steps
  • Data strips for location and part identity
  • Conveyor stands and other custom designed parts
  • Racks can be supplied with castors for mobility.

Order picking capacity doubled and
picks-per-person increased with Flowstore’s Carton Live Storage system - LS2. 

Internet organic food delivery specialist Abel & Cole have been able to meet peak demand with a recently installed Flowstore order picking system.  A planned promotion brought a flood of extra orders for chilled produce.

"We would not have coped without the new live storage
picking system", said Rob Grimmer, Head of Production

"With double the orders to pick, ....... the picks-per-person increased and enabled us to keep on target without
increasing head count.

Award winning Abel & Cole, who offer an organic food delivery service has well over 100 various suppliers and in the order 900 products, including selection boxes, sold online through their website.  This poses a logistical challenge when it comes to receiving goods in and dispatching orders within the minimal amount of time in order to keep items fresh.

With the ever-increasing awareness of the benefits of organic produce, and the advent of the internet, Abel & Cole have gone from strength to strength and seen many changes since their early days in the late 80’s.

Stock movement

Ergonomically designed Flowstore LS2 Carton Live Storage system has proved to be a practical solution for a fast and efficient FIFO stock rotation. It was easily installed and configured to suit all the different types and sizes of organic food ranges and selection boxes. 




The benefits of an order picking system using Flowstore’s carton live storage - LS2 include

  • Lower cost per pick due to shorter picking routes
  • Faster picking access due to highly flexible and variable roller tracks, gradient and storage level positions
  • An ergonomic custom made pick face designed to suit your products
  • Can be used for order picking small and medium sized items
  • Designed with solutions for both standard and heavy duty applications
  • FIFO (first in, first out) pick faces