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LS2 Assembly Overview for Live Storage Solution

check squareness of live storage frameCheck the squareness of Live Storage frame. assemble frame brace for roller rackingFrame brace and connector assmebly. stability beam installation for flow storageStability beam installation. check vertical alignment of flow rackCheck frame for vertical alignment.
check plan of flow racking for squarenessCheck plan of flow racking for squareness. floor fixing diagram for live storage systemHow to fix the live storage system to the floor. shelf adapter bracket for live storage spaceInstallation of shelf adapter bracket for live storage. mid-shelf support bracket for kanban rackInstallation of mid-shelf support bracket.
shelf locking clip for live storage applicationsInstall shelf adjuster clip A on live storage. install shelf adjuster clips on flow racksInstall shelf adjuster clip B on flow racks. exploded shelf assembly carton live storageExploded view of shelf assembly for flow rack. shelf assembly for live storageShelf assembly ct40.
assembly of shelf for kanban rackingShelf assembly ct50. on-load panel installation for fifo rackingSketch of 'on-load panel' installation. cross beam installation on gravity fed rackingCross-beam installation. tilt fixed panel installation for kanban racksInstallation sketch for tilt fixed panel.
tilt adjustable panel for live storage solutionsInstallation of tilt adjustable panel. cranked side channel for roller racking installationInstallation of cranked side channel. fixed tilt panel for flow storage solutionFixed tilt panel installation. push-in panel fasteners for flow rack systemInstallation of push-in fasteners.
track clip installation on flow racking solutionTrack clip installation. guide bung installation for live storage systemGuide bung installation. track and guide installation for roller rackingTrack and guide installation. complete bay assembly for flow rackComplete bay assembly for flow rack.
castor wheels for carton live storage applicationAssembly of castor wheels. pallet live storage system short entry guideAssembly of short entry guide. bolted side channel on kanban racking systemInstallation of bolted side channel on live storage racking. shelf clip adaptor for live storage spacesInstallation of shelf clip adaptor.
bolted end stop on fifo racking systemInstallation of bolted end stop. two frame bay assembly gravity fed racksTwo frame bay assembly gravity fed racks.