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FlowTube: steel tubes, plastic & metal joints, brackets & accessories for lean manufacturing solutions

FlowTube™ is a range of reusable steel tubes and rapid assembly connecting joints, brackets, roller tracks, parts and accessories, which not only enables you to design and build a wide range of applications and solutions, but can also be integrated into a Lean Manufacturing or Kaizen environment.

FlowTube solutions are simple to design, quick to assemble and completely reusable. These can be used for storage, material handling, assembly manufacturing and distribution.

FlowTube fully supports the principles of Continuous Improvement (Kaizen Techniques) and Lean Manufacturing. This simple-to-use solution will simplify your processes, increase your productivity and decrease your costs. Click here to read more about the many benefits of this tube and joint system.

To download our FlowTube Assembly Guide click here. The guide contains general information about FlowTube design options; how to ensure you are within recommended safe working loads and weight limits and your designs are safe; assembly guidelines and general design tips.

Tubes - Wide range available Metal Joints / Plastic Joints & Components Accessories
Flow Racking, Gravity Flow Racks, FIFO Lineside Order Picking Assembly Lines
Work Benches / Lean Manufacturing Work Benches Work Stations / Lean Manufacturing Work Stations Multi Function Work Station
mobile industrial storage trolley
Trolleys / Carts Tool Trolleys /
Custom Trolleys
Mobile Storage Trolley
Storage Shelving Pigeon Hole Dunnage Bags Lean Display Boards
Tables Part Stands Bespoke Solutions
Stage System School stage with Ramp Banner Frame System

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Tubes: The tubes are steel pipes, normally 28mm in outer diameter, are either stainless steel or ABS plastic-coated in various colour finishes.

Joints / brackets: The joints comprise of interlocking steel bracket components, clamped over the tubes and fastened in position with captive nuts and socket head bolts.

Accessories: The accessories include roller tracks, castors, hinges, latches and a wide range of other components that will affix to the tubular framework in a simple snap or clip-on manner.

FlowTube™ is the perfect system to design customised solutions such as workstations, racks and trolleys. The flexible and durable nature of FlowTube allows you build a wide variety of bespoke solutions perfect to integrate into a Lean Manufacturing environment by helping to optimise materials flow.

FlowTube applications and FlowTube specifications
Click here to learn more about FlowTube applications and Flowtube specifications

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Aston Martin
Land Rover
flowtube bespoke solutions assembly guide

Click here to download the FlowTube Assembly Guideline