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FlowTube design drawings for custom design
CAD Design
FlowTube design drawings for custom design
Rendered Image
FlowTube design drawings for custom design
Final FlowTube Product

Our FlowTube B2B design service

We have our own in-house dedicated and experienced FlowTube design team to help businesses translate your concepts into actual competitively priced solutions with relevant drawings and component listing.

Our specialist industry experience of different manufacturing  philosophies, for example Kaizen (continuous improvement) Kanban systems etc, enable us to advice ergonomic efficient solutions.

We can also advise you on the general design principals, structural strengths and give you complete support over any other query you may have.

FlowTube designs can accommodate other material handling and electronic equipment for picking system.


Supply Options

There are three main ways in which FlowTube can be supplied:

1. Flowstore designs and supplies assembled solution

2. Flowstore designs and supplies kit solution, customer assembles

3. Flowstore supplies stock, customer designs and assembles

Flowstore Customer
Design Pick / Cut Assemble Deliver Use
Design Pick / Cut Deliver Assemble Use
Pick Deliver Design Cut Assemble Use


Special design structures

For design or functional purposes should you require curved tubes, for example, then we can produce them for you in our UK based factory, located in Hayes near London, and either include them in your build or deliver them with your other parts.