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How to build FlowTube
For industry, business, office and home

FlowTube is simple self-assembly at its most versatile Once built any structure can be dismantled and the components re-used to make something completely different, integrating new accessories or parts if necessary.

FlowTube is the perfect choice for industry, manufacturing, office, education, retail and even the home.

Build it in 3 simple stages - and then use it .... and re-use it .....again and again.







First make a simple sketch.

Measure tube to desired length, and cut.

All you need for the basic structure is a 5mm Allen key which we supply! Other structures may need simple accessories, for example, a soft mallet for rubber feet..


And Use-it ..........


re-use – and make something completely different

  some-time in the future re-use the components to make something completely different!! - again and again.

Ideas of what you can build:-
Click on the links (when underlined) to see illustrations, and what you will need to make it yourself.

To download our FlowTube Assembly Guide click here. 
The FlowTube Assembly Guide contains general information about FlowTube design options; assembly guidelines and general design tips; how to ensure your designs are safe; and that you are within recommended safe working loads and weight limits.