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How and where to use reusable steel tubes, joints, brackets and accessories.

Graham Watts to visit Uganda with Wheels For The World

Via the Flowstore Systems Corporate Sponsorship programme for international charity Through the Roof, Flowtube sales engineer Graham Watts is putting aside his normal role of designing lean work cells for UK manufacturers, and heading off to Uganda on April 10 for 10 days of field support work for the charity.

Based in Kampala and the surrounding areas, Graham will be a technician with a support team for the Wheels For The World (WFTW) programme of the charity, which provides wheelchairs for disabled users. This initiative operates in a number of countries, and refurbishes redundant wheelchairs and other mobility aids to make them suitable for use in areas where no such resources are usually available.

Calling on his practical experiences of mechanical assembly and carpentry work, Graham’s role will be to make modifications and adjustments to the wheelchairs so that they are best suited to the users. Physiotherapists, and other specialists, are part of the half-dozen strong team who hope to see over well over 160 recipients enjoying mobility – some for the first time in their lives - through the gift of an appropriate type of wheelchair.

To aid the charity’s continuing work and the costs incurred through the trip, donations may be made via Just Giving  http://www.justgiving.com/Flowstore-Systems-Ltd. Any gifts made through this can qualify for Gift Aid income tax amounts to be claimed by the charity for UK tax payers, so do follow the donation instructions in this respect.Please also specify that you wish the donation to be for the ‘Wheels For The World’ project. Through The Roof is a Registered number 1087788


Banner Frame SystemFlowTube Banner Frame System

The new FlowTube Banner Frame System is a competitively priced highly versatile solution, which gives the user ultimate flexibility. Whether it is to be used in any display scenario or exhibition or retail environments where a display banner is required. It can either be a standalone banner or integrated into an existing retail, display or exhibition system.

You can choose the width, height, colour, and whether it’s can be temporary or permanent. Easy-to-build, the FlowTube banner frame system is the perfect solution for most display requirements.



FlowTube was the solution for the Cave Rescue Organisation’s Exhibition Trailer

To help increase public awareness and raise funds The Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) in Clapham, Yorkshire, needed to have a mobile exhibition trailer.  To withstand all sorts of weather conditions it was critical that the integrity of the trailer shell was not compromised, with drilled holes for example. The ideal solution needed to be a semi permanent fitted interior framework with the display being totally flexible.

FlowTube proved to be the perfect solution.  As a modular system it could be customised to exactly fit within the trailer interior, with FlowTube brackets supporting the exhibition display wires and lighting.  Because FlowTube can be re-configured at any time the interior framework or exhibition can be changed as the need arises. There are plans to include an interactive computer with a flat screen display, which will be integrated into a stand made from FlowTube.

The CRO, which saves lives above and below ground in the Yorkshire Dales, celebrated the completion of their exhibition trailer just before Christmas.


Customised staging

FlowTube has recently been used to build customised staging for a school.  The amazing versatility of FlowTube meant that the exact height, width, height differential to the existing stage, etc., could accurately be pre-defined.

The modular system is set out in one of many potential configurations and then simply held in place, and made secure, with metal plates.  The carpeted platforms are then dropped into place with ease. When not in use it packs away into a mobile storage unit.

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Adjustable height workstations

FlowTube workstations and workbenches are proving to be increasingly popular, especially for use in a Lean environment.  FlowTube has recently added an height adjustable workstation or bench top to its range of accessories.

This now means the worktop can be built for different activities and operators. The worktop can be raised above the pre-set height or alternatively if the adjustable worktop is counter sunk into the workstation the top can now be raised or lowered as required.
Adjustable height workstations
Adjustable height workstationsIn addition the adjustable workstation top can be customised for different uses, regardless of the manufacturing sector.

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