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Assembly Line Conveyer & Feed Racks
(Team Member Training)
Pick Trolley Lineside Feed Rack
Product Factfile
The FlowTube system includes:-

  • Tubes
  • Metal joints
  • Metal joint assemblies
  • Plastic joints
  • Roller track mounting brackets
  • Accessories including:-
    • Castors
    • Tube clamp
    • Quick release gate strap
    • Corner supports
    • Tube connectors
    • Threaded inserts & Inner caps
    • Hangers - different types
    • Tube clamp - double mount
    • Separators
    • Tow Rings
    • Steel caps
    • Name plates
    • Label holders
    • Wide range of plastic
    • profiles
    • Fasteners
    • Handles
    • Hinges
Manual Dexterity Training Equipment
Customised Instrument Panel Sequence Trolley
Assembly Line Training Simulation
With Lineside Parts / Pick Trolley

Toyota, pioneers of Lean Manufacturing, adopt FlowTube as a versatile system to use in their European Global Production Training Centre, E-GPC.

FlowTube was selected by the new European Production Training Centre in Burnaston, Derbyshire, as the most suitable system to be adopted by their training programme. A wide variety of training equipment & applications for assembly, handling & many other requirements could be built from the versatile & re-useable plastic coated steel tubes, modular connecting joints, roller tracks & accessories.

The Toyota European Production Training Centre prepares employees for the many skills which are part of the Toyota Production System (TPS) - which has become more broadly known as Lean Manufacturing - required in today’s modern, efficient, lean manufacturing plant.

FlowTube is already extensively used for lean manufacturing
strategies in product development in the main Toyota Assembly Plant.  It is compatible with the Continuous Improvement Technique (Kaizen is the Japanese term), which is a foundation of the Toyota Production System.  Lean Manufacturing or 5 ‘S’ techniques emphasise not only removing waste from the workplace, but also providing an environment where continuous improvement overall is embraced.

Project Group Leader Mark Slater expressed his enthusiasm for FlowTube

“By giving the assembly workers ownership of the
assembly improvement process - part of the Kaizen
philosophy - Toyota are able to maximise efficiencies
and eradicate waste, which has enabled the company
 to be a world-leader in car manufacturing”.

“ We are confident our investment in a European centre
for training excellence will hand-somely pay off.”

Lean manufacturing work stations, shelf racks, flow racks, trolleys, benches, stands, jigs, notice boards, special constructions etc can all be made from FlowTube. Modifications can be easily accommodated as requirements change, as no welding, painting or specialist tools are required to create the finished items.

The components can be re-used to make the next product with very little redundancy. Tubes and roller tracks can be easily re-cut or suitably spliced to make new lengths, and units can be static or mobile, by the addition of castors to the base.

Even AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) are made using FlowTube components, which allow  the vehicles to be individually tailored to the application. Guidance systems and drive motors are mounted on the versatile framework.

In the Training School, a wide variety of assemblies were required, from simple trolleys and flow racks, to handgrip and dexterity test units and notice stands and signboards.

From their Hayes factory, Flowstore were able to despatch fully assembled and finished units in time to meet the required set-up date.

Flowstore MD, Simon Dennis, says

“Once a company has caught the vision of what FlowTube can do, it’s really only imagination that’s the limit. Within  the practical limitations of tube size and strength,  I’ve not come across a more versatile product.

Unlike welded structures or standard rack systems, which may have to be discarded when its usage changes, this system gives better value for money. You are not simply buying a trolley or a rack – you are investing in a complete assembly system
for a myriad of uses!”

Toyota required 30 different designs for the initial fit-out. Before assembly commenced they were shown 3-D drawings of the proposed units to enable sign-off.

By holding stocks of additional FlowTube components on site, Toyota are able to readily re-design and modify units to meet their constantly changing production and training requirements.

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