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ls2 live storage fifo racking in lean environment
espo warehouse before ls2 live storage installation
Prior to the new installation the packers would consolidate their orders from 2 separate areas either side of the Packing Benches. This resulted in excessive walking around the shelving and pallet area.
ESPO have now moved from the Packing Benches to the LS2 live storage pick face resulting in a shorter pick route and consequently higher productivity
ls2 live storage pick face at espo
ESPO LS2 Packing Face
ls2 live storage fifo racking in lean environment
LS2 Packing Face in ESPO Warehouse
ls2 live storage flow racks in lean environment
Gravity-fed Return Channels

LS2 Carton Live Storage Case Study

The Requirement

Established in 1981, ESPO (Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation) has grown to become one of the largest Professional Buying Organisations (PBOs) in the UK. It provides a comprehensive procurement service to the public sector. With more than 27,000 items in its catalogue, ESPO has 350 staff operating from a 120,000 sq ft distribution centre. Operating on a not-for-profit cost recovery basis, ESPO fulfils orders for a wide-ranging variety of products to serve different sectors: education (nurseries through to schools, academies, further and higher education), the NHS and emergency services, local and central government, registered charities and registered social landlords.

ESPO’s challenge was that its current order packing system was inefficient in terms of space and handling. Staff  were having problems with lifting, stretching and reaching.

The primary objective was to refit the warehouse with an economical order packing system that would:-

– in short, a cost-effective, ergonomically designed, state-of-the-art lean system that would enable ESPO to provide its customers with a rapid and efficient service.

This led to ESPO working with Flowstore.

The Solution

Flowstore’s LS2 is an ergonomically designed Live Storage system that can be customised to suit specific applications. It is designed for longevity as well as flexibility.
Using a fast and efficient  picking system with FIFO (first in, first out) storage and condensed pick faces, LS2 addresses employee comfort and efficiency while improving productivity. It is extremely versatile, bespoke, easy to install and adjust as required.

ESPO continually adds new types and sizes of products to its extensive range, as it closely follows market trends and takes on board technological advances. LS2 Carton Live Storage is ideal for any business that operates with continuous improvement principles.

Flowstore installed LS2 in the ESPO warehouse, using a new configuration for the storage of picked order prior to packing, which allowed improved and consolidated use of the existing space. The system utilises the whole width of the packing area, offering an extensive pick face with gravity-fed modular containers. There are gravity-fed return channels for empty bins at convenient intervals along the whole length of the storage face. On either side of the LS2 installation there is adequate space to allow room to manoeuvre.

The Results


Barry Walker, Operations Manager ESPO, said
“We are extremely pleased with the outcome - Flowstore met our expectations, and fulfilled our goals for an improved work place environment. They delivered on time, and on budget, which we are on target to recoup due to increased efficiency, and we look forward to working together on future projects.”