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Aluminium Tube / Pipe

An aluminium tube / pipe modular system is now available from Flowstore, complementing our traditional FlowTube steel tube / pipe racking system. Pipe racking equipment is versatile, flexible, reusable and can be modified as desired, offering custom designed structures for many industrial and manufacturing applications. Installation is simple as no welding is required; structures are quickly and easily assembled using interlocking joints and connectors.

The aluminium tubes can be fully integrated into FlowTube steel structures or be used to design and custom-build standalone equipment for assembly, benches, work station, flow racks and trolleys. Aluminium pipes can also be used for exhibition stands, display boards, garment rails and any other application.

We offer a complete range of aluminium joints, connectors, accessories and castors, and the 28mm diameter aluminium pipes are available in various profiles and two weights: regular and heavy duty pipe; regular and heavy duty round pipe; T-slot pipe; and slide pipe. There is also an extra heavy duty double pipe.

An aluminium tube system offers several advantages:-

  • It is much lighter than steel, so modules are even easier to assemble, move (on castors) and disassemble
  • It is hard-wearing with a durable anodised surface
  • It is ESD (electrostatic discharge) compliant  - we issue this certificate to state that our ESD items have an electrical resistance of R < 1 x 109 Ohm
  • It provides a high strength to weight ratio
  • Two main joint options are available.
  • Outer joints which connect around the outer face of the tubes (similar to the A type standard steel joint range
  • Inner joints where tube surface in flush with joint surface where smoother continuous surfaces are required
  • It is ideal in lean manufacturing and production environments because it offers:
    • Supreme versatility of use, ideal for continuous improvement
    • High aesthetic value in the workplace without glare
    • enables standard steel Flow Tube system and aluminium system to be used together
  • It is made from environmentally friendly anodised aluminium alloy material
  • It has a high recycling value (up to 50% of aluminium market value)
flow rack & flow racking from FlowTube
flow rack & flow racking from FlowTube
Inner type joints will be flush with the Aluminium Tube / Pipe which will provide counter top panel a continuous support.
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