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Lean Manufacturing Case Study Toyota, pioneers of TPS / Lean Manufacturing, adopt FlowTube for the European Global Production Training Centre, E-GPC.

Case Study ESPO improves efficiency and increases safety by using Flowstore's LS2 Carton Live Storage system.

Case Study Argos improve order picking efficiency by up to 10% with DuraFlow

Case StudyAbel & Cole double order picking capacity with LS2

Solutions for Lean Environments, Industry 4.0, Assembly Line Configurations, Production Logistics, Workstation Ergonomics etc

Suppliers of storage and material handling systems and custom made solutions, Flowstore Systems, offer a comprehensive product range designed for manufacturing, storage and distribution.  When issues of time and space are key to a company's success  we at Flowstore can offer a solution to meet your specific need. Our products are ergonomically designed to meet lean manufacturing and continuous improvement (kaizen) principles.

Our products:-

A large amount of Flowstore’s activities centre on order picking and production assembly efficiencies, assisting companies with the implementation of “lean” techniques. This can be seen across a very diverse client base from automotive assemblers including Toyota to medical equipment manufacturers such as Huntleigh Healthcare, plus a wide range of consumer product retailers.

We are dedicated to order picking and production efficiency, to increase productivity and return on investment (roi). We offer a personal service from professional staff who care and want to be part of your success.